Few Words…

IMG_20160904_200957.jpgFadeyi BRT bus stop
I had been standing for almost an hour on a ridiculously long queue under the scorching sun, with Eben’s You are God all by yourself on a full blast in my ears. I had told myself, Hilda by 4pm, a bus will come, it will be your turn & you’d be seated. Four buses came & went. Alas! it still wasn’t my turn.
3:53pm a bus came & another at 3:55pm, i muttered underneath my breath, my God never fails. It had become a thing for me, to predict traffic or my arrival time, most times i was right. It was quite a surprise when the 2 buses left & it still wasn’t my turn, i was tired but i was relentless, I knew no matter how long it took, my turn would come. 4:05pm A bus came, this time it got to me, as i stepped into the bus, i realised all the seats were taken, this means I’d have to stand all through my journey, in the alternative I’d only be able to sit when others alight & a space was available . It took me less than 5 secs to conclude that i wasn’t going to stand. Yes it was my turn, but i couldn’t have waited that long just to stand, so i got down. My turn would come & I’d be sitting comfortably, i wouldn’t settle for anything less.
It took a while, But the bus did come.
I stepped into it while it was empty & picked the choicest seat, right underneath the AC😊
And as i sat i smiled. All the hours of standing under the scorching sun all forgotten as the AC enveloped me. And i heard it…
It may take time, your bus will not always arrive as expected, be relentless and never ever settle.
I know I’ll understand this better very soon😊.


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