A Short Story…

What would you say if i told you that I love you?

He stared at me from across the table, with his bouncing fro sitting quite comfortably on the top of his head

There was this beauty about gbenga, it just radiates from every part of his being, the glint in his eyes when he is up to something mischievous, the smirkish smile on his face that preludes the opening of his sparkling set of teeth, the dent in his chin, the dimple on his left cheek and the little strands of hair that was more or less, a sorry excuse for a moustache.

My mind wondered aimlessly

somehow the question had taken me to a part of my mind that i’d never been to

I thought to myself: I’d desperately wish those words were true

I’d hope that you meant every single word

I’d like my own share of happily ever after… with you

I mentally wave off my thoughts and let out a loud belt of laughter

Don’t be such a Joker Gbenga

I immediately get to my feet, dragging him by the arms, we stare at each other for a brief second and then we strolled into the sunset.

That day, he gave me the look, the look that told me he knew exactly what my thoughts were

He knew my fear

Shattered too many times, i became a broken tale, and no matter how hard we tried, he knew at that moment that our story could never become whole.